Performance / Dyno Tuning

Our 6000 sq foot facility features a mustang AWD-500. We also have movable, strategic fans to be positioned to concentrate airflow to a smaller area such as intercoolers or radiators.

Our goal is to simulate exact highway driving conditions over a long period of time.

Our uniquely configured dynamometer, allows the operator to add incremental load on the engine for trouble shooting, advanced tuning, and realistic aerodynamic load simulation. The mustang AWD-500 still operates on the consistent, proven, and reliable 'inertia' based drum - where the rollers weigh a fixed amount (3,400 lbs), but also allows for additional resistance to the vehicle.

Our dyno is available for tuning sessions or dyno days. Our rates start at $175 / hour for tuning. $130 for 3 power pulls. $130 / hour rental with operator. Discounts available for full-day rental.

  • - Standalone Tuning
  • - ECU Rom / Flashing
  • - Piggyback / Fuel Controller
  • - Simple Timing / Boost Tune Ups (whether it’s getting optimized or making it safe)

Also here is a list of ECU's we have experience with:

- Haltech
- Motec
- Vipec
- Microtech
- HP Tuners
- Nistune
- PowerFC
- Hondata
- Uprev
- EcuFlash
- TunerPro
- ProEFI
- Crome
- Cobb Accessport
- Ecutek
- Holley
- Hydra
- Emanage
- Diablosport
- Superchips
- Autronic